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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Cupitt on Wittgenstein on God

It's always good to hear a clear exposition of the ideas of a great philosopher, and the delight to be had from an utterly clear and plausible argument does not diminish over time.
So it was been something of a nostalgic treat to watch part of the 'Sea of Faith' series produced by the BBC in 1984 and presented by Don Cupitt.  In the links below you have Cupitt's description of Wittgenstein's philosophy as it touches on the idea of God.
It comes at the end of his series, in which he traced the history of modern religious thought, and it's appropriate to end up with Wittgenstein, who did not so much attempt to demolish untenable metaphysics as bypass it altogether, focusing on what religious language (and religion itself) does, rather than any literal understanding of its doctrines.
Returning to this after almost 30 years, I still find it persuasive.

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